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My name is Gabriele Galassi. Italian by birth, although I have lived in the UK for a very long time. I started my career in the media industry working in commercial roles for independent production companies and broadcasters. After moving to the UK, I worked for BBC Studios in various executive jobs, eventually becoming General Manager for the Benelux region, overseeing affiliate sales, ancillaries, formats and programme sales.


In 2015, I took the opportunity of a training role for the global business division of BBCWW, taking the lead on creating a Sales Academy that pioneered a new approach to sales through assessment, training and bespoke internal talent management.


During this experience, I retrained as a Business Psychologist, obtaining an MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology from Kingston University, where I now also lecture on Training and Development for the Business School.


I run The Business Psychology Network as an independent consultant, delivering training, coaching and HR consultancy on management and leadership, talent identification, commercial skills and team dynamics.

I have hundreds of hours of experience in designing and delivering training across the world, working in three different languages. My clients range from pharmaceutical companies to music labels and finance firms.


I am a board member of the ABP (Association for Business Psychology), for which I oversee the training offer to the members.


My Services.


I do not believe in having a one-size-fits all training offer. With my clients, I have worked on a broad range of topics, because I approach learning and development just like a business consultant. I come equipped with a toolkit that combines more than a decade of business experience with a strong understanding of psychology applied to work and performance. A

Whether you are looking to upskill your staff, develop people managers or prepare the next generation of leaders, I will design upon a rigorous Training Needs Analysis that I will create for you on the basis of what I can observe and record within your organisation.

I will then submit a brief for a Training Design that will detail the learning flow of the programme, activities to run and key empirical evidence behind our approach. Once I receive your approval, I will start building the course and submit it to your attention for final editing before the workshop delivery.

After the training, I will collect detailed feedback from participants and equip you with high-level recommendations and coaching tools to share with your staff, in order to keep the learning alive.


Coaching can support individuals with performance-related issues, as well as career changes or transitions that have an impact on their well being. A coaching contract usually takes place within a defined period of time and a limited number of sessions, as its very own nature is solution-focussed. 

I trained in Performance Coaching and Psychological Coaching at the Centre for Coaching in London and my coaching approach uses evidence-based techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

This means that most of the coaching journey is dedicated to understanding and challenging constructively all those thoughts and beliefs that impact our actions and that can hinder our performance or prevent us from achieving our goals. 

As a member of the Association for Coaching I abide by their code of ethics (you can find more info here )


If you are looking to assess your existing staff, identify talent or high potential leaders, minimise your recruitment costs by identifying candidates efficiently, I can offer you help building psychometric assessments, interview models, activity-based exercises and situational judgment tests.

I am BPS trained and qualified to use a variety of tools including any Cognitive Ability tests available on the market, as well as Personality Profiling tools such as Hogan Assessment Suite, Tracom Social Styles, PAPI-3, 15FQ+, Strength Profiling, Disc Profiling to name a few. 

I can advise and support in the creation of organisational charts, run job and task analysis within  key departments, assist in delivering 360-feedback initiatives that can enable change and help you transform your business. 


“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”


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